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Player Appearances

More valuable than any monetary contribution is the gift of time.

When the fans who support us with enthusiasm, loyalty and allegiance call on us to aid in their causes, we attempt to match their request with the same energy they demonstrate to us daily.

As part of the Sea Eagles community strategy, our core focus in relation to player appearances relates to meaningful and sustainable activity rather than one-off events. Therefore a vast majority of appearances are taken up as part of the club's ongoing community programs.

It is also highly recommended that your event not centre on the application of only an appearance but should be approached as a complimentary element to your program.

Please be mindful that many requests are unable to be fulfilled due to the overwhelming amount of requests received.


• Player availability is limited between November and August (during Season).
• Players that are committed to competing on match days are not available to make appearances the day before a match. If applicable injured players will be made available.
• Sea Eagles players are granted one day off a week and therefore no appearances will be scheduled on those days.
• Appearances are scheduled for (1) hour only. Extended events will be assessed on a case by case basis.


1) Requests must be received in writing on the relevant organisation letter head four weeks prior to the event date. The Sea Eagles will make every effort to review your request and will provide a response prior to the event date.

2) Forms must be submitted to: Community Relations Coordinator, Po Box 994, Narrabeen, NSW 2101 or emailed to

4) Due to tight scheduling and unforeseen circumstances player appearances are limited to one request per organisation annually.

5) Should event details change prior to the nature of the event no guarantee can be made Sea Eagles players will be able to adjust accordingly.

6) If in the event that the Sea Eagles training schedule changes and the Sea Eagles Players are not able to attend the agreed Player Appearance, the Sea Eagles will endeavour to satisfy all agreed requirements at a later date.


The following criterion is applied when prioritising player appearance requests:
1) If the request has come from a Sea Eagles member.

2) Direct interaction with young people and families.

3) Clear role for players at the event.

4) No strenuous or athletic exercise programs that may present risk of injury.


• The Sea Eagles request permission of photos of the event featuring Sea Eagles players in order to put information and news pieces together for the website.

• If artwork is required (photos, logos) for marketing purposes you will need to notify the Sea Eagles in advance regarding approved use of the name and logo, deadline dates and other design specifications.


The following player appearance requests will not be considered:

• Events that conflict with training, competition or club event schedule.

• When insufficient time has not been allocated i.e. less then (3) weeks.

• During the players leave period October – November – mid season break & BYE Weekends.

• When the request has come from an individual request for a personal nature i.e. birthdays

Please Note:

• The Sea Eagles do not accept money for any player appearances

• The club apologises where a confirmed appearance is cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances such as player injury or personnel issues. Unfortunately last minute changes of training venues and associated schedules whilst rare do occur.

• The Sea Eagles holds the right to decline any player appearance requests.

• All requests will receive notification from the club within (4) weeks of the requests being received.

Due to the high volume of requests received, the Sea Eagles are unable to respond to follow up phone calls or correspondence.